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About Solar Energy

We all know the power of the sun as all of us must have experienced it some time or the other on a hot day. Except for geothermal and nuclear all other energy comes from the sun. But how much of the sunlight reaches the earth and how much can be exploited.

The intensity of sunlight that falls over our planet Earth is not constant from dawn to dusk. When you are out clouds in the sky bring respite on a hot summer day. However, when using solar energy you will need maximum rays of the sun. But the presence of clouds in the sky result in inconsistency and sunlight may not be available as and when you may need it.

Solar panels are installed on the roof perpendicular to the sunlight for procuring maximum results. A panel that faces the south at a latitude angle will provide optimum placing. Solar power can not be trapped 100% efficiently.

Solar energy has more to it than just powering calculators. It is increasingly gaining popularity among those opting for renewable source of energy. Water heating is one of the most common and easily methods done through solar power.

There are many benefits to solar heating of water, but the one that tops the list is affordability and easy installation. This is because it can be installed without making changes in the grid connection.

Though you may have to spend on the solar panels initially, the free cost of solar energy will make up for the money that you spend on the panel over a period of time. The amount of heat collected by the solar panels on a sunny day is large.

Solar energy cannot be used at night because of the absence of sunlight. However the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. It is beneficial to these remote places that otherwise live without power. Solar energy can be used during cold seasons as well. Mankind has not fully learnt to trap the powers of the sun completely yet. In the long run when scientist develop better and better techniques to harness the energy of the sun, it is likely to play an important role and be a part and parcel in the lives of our children.

Solar energy is a good replacement to nuclear plants and the exhaustible fossil fuels. The efficient and clean powers of the sun will play a significant role in conserving our environment.

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