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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

The following are the Benefits of the use of Solar Energy.

Pocket friendly.

Well the contribution to the energy saving efforts is the subordinate part, but when one thinks of installing the solar heating or power equipments the primary reason is to get away with the huge costs that have to be incurred on the electricity bills. There are no real expenses, which you will have to incur once you have set up the solar power plant. The resource that is the required to generate the energy is free. When you install the solar power equipments make sure that you can include all the appliances so that they can be run on the solar energy so that you can see the results those are significant.

A renewable energy source

The resources that are utilized to generate the electricity are limited. Some day or the other they will get exhausted. Moreover, there are no real substitutes to these resources and it is not even possible to reproduce them, as this will take the successful completion of the process that goes on for thousands of years. Whereas the sunlight that is the resource used to generate solar energy is unlimited. There is no chance that they will get exhausted.

The drawbacks that the users of Solar powers have to face.

The cost of installation that is really higher.

This is the biggest hurdle where people give up the thought of installing the solar power generation equipment. A person already spends more than what he expects while buying a property for his own. In such circumstances the installation figures itself are sure to give chills to the person. Considering the utility and the demand efforts are now being taken to cut down the prices considerably. However, in spite of such efforts their prices remain beyond the reach of the ordinary people.

Large area for installing the panels and the dependence on the sun

The solar energy is generated with the help of huge panels. These panels convert the heat from the sun into the electricity and so they are necessary and cannot be altered by the small versions or the smaller panels. Therefore, the solar equipments can only be installed where there is abundant space. In addition, the source that is the sunlight will always be available cannot be guaranteed and therefore in the absence of sunlight these equipments will be useless.

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