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Advantages Of Renewable Energy

Energy which is generated from natural resources like heat, sunlight, water or wind which are naturally replenished is called renewable energy. This renewable energy is derived from various natural processes in various forms, like electricity and heat from sun, wind, ocean, hydropower, biomass, geothermal resources and bio fuels. Solar energy can be used in various forms for heating, lighting and so on. Wind energy is used to run wind turbines. Water can be harnessed and used for the production of hydroelectricity. Bio diesel can be used as fuel in automobiles which lessen the production of harmful gases like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Advantages Of Renewable Energy

The renewable energy is clean and green form of energy because it causes minimal environmental impact as compared to the fossil fuels. Renewable energy makes use of finite source of energy and thus is sustainable one. These energy forms do not produce carbon based agents which causes warming and pollution. The financial cost of applying is not that cheap but if they are more profitable if environmental cost of using fossil fuels is accounted for. It does not cause any harmful emissions and thus safe on health. Few advantages of renewable energy are listed as below:

  • Renewable energy does not produce carbon particles and thus helps in preventing environmental problems.
  • Renewable energy is cost efficient in comparison to fossil fuels.
  • These energy resources are vital for sustenance of human life on Earth.
  • Renewable energy has both environmental and health advantages over fossil fuels.
  • As these energy is generated from natural resources so can be used consistently without depleting it.
  • Does not produce polluting elements.
  • As these resources don’t produce carbon particles it doesn’t contribute to global warming.
  • Renewable energy makes use of finite source of energy and thus is sustainable one.
  • It causes minimal environmental and health impact.

Today in order to survive in this present world we have to make use of sustainable form of living and using renewable energy can be the first step towards it. Today’s generation is responsible for the welfare of the coming generation. The present generation is inherited with the responsibility of passing on the planet Earth to the next generation in a better way than what they had inherited. Using of renewable energy can be the first step towards a sustainable living so as to provide a better lifestyle to the future generation.

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