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Alternative Energy Nuclear

Nuclear energy is the electricity which is generated by turbines which uses the steam created by the heat produced by the uranium atoms through fission. Fission is basically the breaking up of unstable nuclei into a smaller and more stable nuclei. The sun’s energy is generated by nuclear fusion. Nuclear energy has for long been considered as an alternative to other forms of energy. Let us see some of the benefits and dangers of nuclear energy

Alternative energy nuclear benefits:

  1. Nuclear energy is considered a very clean and cheap form of energy. It is a perfect solution for modern day problems like global warming.
  2. Nuclear energy can be used to generate steam for submarines and aircrafts though it is not done on a commercial level as yet.
  3. It can be used to generate power for domestic usage, shops, factories, etc.
  4. It is useful in medicinal and scientific research.
  5. Nuclear energy does not pollute the environment with the emission of dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.
  6. France which has nuclear power plants throughout has a reduction in its total pollution by 80-90%. That is one reason why France has got such clean and healthy air.
  7. The area of land required to produce 1000MW of energy by nuclear plants is very less when compared to a wind farm.
  8. The wastes that come out of a nuclear plant are not exactly wastes. It still contains 97% of fuel and if reprocessed and used properly, they can be recycled again and used for other purposes.

Alternative energy nuclear dangers:

  1. Nuclear energy wastes must be disposed off properly. Otherwise, there are chances of catastrophic events taking place.
  2. The radioactive substance which is emitted in the atmosphere by nuclear power plants can contaminate or poison the land for centuries to come.
  3. The nuclear fission activity should be done carefully and under trained experts. Any mishaps or errors could prove fatal.
  4. Terrorism could go on an increase. Nuclear power is a very powerful ingredient in those atom bombs and missiles used by these terrorists and if nuclear energy is made easily available, then terrorist activities would just not be stoppable.
  5. There are chances of more wars taking place between countries. Now when you see countries trying to negotiate and talk over even the most critical of matters, with the advent of nuclear energy even the smallest of problems would be dealt with war and military.

The Nuclear Debate:

Even though we have so many benefits relating to nuclear energy, people are still very reluctant to switch over to nuclear energy completely because of the kind of dangers it has attached with it and also uranium, which is necessary to make the nuclear fission happen, is a bit scarce and not available in abundance. And moreover, there are not many venture capitalists that are willing to invest in creating nuclear investors or reactors. The reason being so is because the process is something which has not been tried and tested.

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