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Business Solar Energy

The production of solar energy has been researched, developed, experimented and gained popularity as a lucrative business since 1860s with the onset of the industrial revolution. However, there were bad periods as well. Energy experts at that time believed that coal would not be enough to cover energy needs of the World. The resulting increase of coal production and with easy availability of petroleum in the 20th century, the researching and production of solar energy took a back stage and was somewhat stagnated.

A significant milestone of solar energy was visualized as an alternate energy source with the oil crisis in 1973. When Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and the OPEC countries imposed the infamous oil embargo and the USA retaliating to its decision of supplying armaments to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, this opened new vistas in the field of Solar energy as NATO and many other countries re-energized solar power researches and production as an alternative to the Arab’s fuel.

When the USA started Federal Photovoltaic Utilization scheme, Japan began the Sunshine solar energy projects while Germany jumped the bandwagon starting the Fraunhofer Institute to produce Solar Energy Systems. During this period, the USA started producing solar water heaters as commercial ventures as well. Since 1990, the production growth rate of solar power energy has been showing a 20 percent increase. Water heating using solar power is now used vastly throughout the World.

The UK government recognized more than ever the value of solar energy schemes at the beginning of 2010. It started a monetary supportive scheme for the production of solar energy, and it will become a law within the next four months. Under the scheme, solar powered electricity would receive a confirmed price for a unit. This pricing system would boost the solar business to a great scale. Other countries such as Italy, France, Germany etc., are already paying fixed prices for a unit of solar electricity taking the business solar energy to become lucrative ventures as at present.

In the USA, the business solar energy now requires skilled contractors and workers in the field of solar energy as never before. Many institutions provide training in solar energy and its related products. As the World turns its attention towards a green economy, business in the solar energy field has reached an unprecedented demand for it and is increasing rapidly. By joining in business solar energy, you can help the World become green. The rapidly increasing environmental pollution due to various energy projects would reduce with the growth of solar energy systems. Solar Energy systems protect the World, as they do not dispel hazardous emissions to the atmosphere unlike fossil fuels that is used for combustion and produces harmful emissions to the atmosphere resulting in acid rain and green house gasses. Harnessing the sun’s energy is the future of meeting the World’s energy demands and the growing market for solar energy is evidence of this fact.

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