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Renewable Energy History

The growing concern about global warming and running out of the non-renewable resources that we have is the hottest topic up for discussion. In fact, it has been a concern and a topic to ponder about for quite some time now. With the climatic changes and the natural calamities, the scientists and environmentalists are putting cards together to see if there is a link between all these things. The researches and experiments are ongoing but the link has not being denied. The growing promotion of using the renewable energy for better environment and the ever increasing prices of the non-renewable resources are pointing towards the fact that we are in serious trouble. And catastrophe would follow if something is not done soon.

It you would look back you would see that the talks around the use of renewable energy started back in the beginning of the 20th centuries. The years passed by there were people who raised concerns and they couldn’t do much as most of the people chose to ignore the bigger picture and wanted to believe in an illusion of abundance of non-renewable resources which we can never run out. For those who believed and had a broader prospective than that started to work towards building technology which would support the renewable resources of energy.

If for a minute you would think of replacing appliances that are there in your house which uses non-renewable resources or electricity to be replaced by the technology which supports renewable resources. The transformation and the cost involved in the same wouldn’t let you take the change that easy and you would do whatever to resist it. This is what happened when renewable energy and technology supporting it would talk about in the early 20’s.

However, if you would look into the past decades ago, renewable resources were used over the non-renewable ones. The time could be tracked back to the time of cave man for that matter. There has been mention of events and proofs from the past that our ancestors used water, sun, and wind and like to accomplish many tasks. They might be doing that as they found these easier than the other resources and not because of the apprehension of global warming but the fact remains that the renewable resources were used and preferred.

Now, with the increased use of fossil fuels we are not only worried about running out of these but the possible catastrophes that global warming would result in is another monster waiting to devastate the world. There are considerable technological developments for using renewable resources. But unfortunately the pace of shifting from the fossil fuels to renewable resource is not that great to give completion to the damage that we have already caused.

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