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Renewable Energy Wind Farms

The exhausting fossils have urged the man to search for the alternatives that can generate energy or for the resources the energy produced from which is renewable. The very reason has given an impetus to the popularity of the renewable energy wind farms. With the awareness of the growing concern of the fossil fuel, people all over the world are coming up in large numbers such farms. They are not just the greatest renewable energy production sources but are also the energy sources that are inexhaustible and clean. This is the feature why the wind renewable energy farms are the are the preferred replacement or a substitute we can say to the energy production that is carried on with the help of the natural gas, nuclear sources or the coal.

The wind farm needs the erection of the wind turbines through which the energy is generated and so the location should be sizable to accommodate these turbines. The mechanism involves the kinetic energy being converted in to the electrical energy or sometimes in the mechanical energy. A network of the wind turbines that connects more than 100 wind turbines will easily be able to cover up a huge land mass. The kinetic energy is carried by the wind the size and the speed of the blades with constant rotation are able to covert the same mechanical energy that can be used normally. There is an integrated system where the power that is generated through these turbines is stored. From here, it is then transferred to a substation where its voltage is increased in the transformers. The same electricity that is produced with the help of the wind turbines can then is useful in the commercial and the domestic purposes.

How the energy that has been generated is utilized depends in what way it is produced. The wind energy farms are of two types on grind and the off grind wind farms.

Here we will see what the off grid wind farms are.

When the power generated from the wind farms is not supplied to the electric grids, the farms are known as the wind farms. The power that is generated in such farms is usually on a small scale and the as it is mainly utilized for the domestic purposes. The small cottage industries, the farmers and the people who want to contribute their bit towards saving the environment opts for the off grid wind farms. The people in remote areas who face the problem of the acute power shortage can set up this type of the energy farm, address to their concern, and set an example to the other people who are facing similar problems.

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