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Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

Kinetic energy of fast moving wind is also used by man. Wind is used to run windmills which converts the wind energy to mechanical or electrical energy. Wind speed is high in coastal areas where it is harnessed and converted to electrical energy.

Wind energy arguably has been the oldest form of renewable energy. It has been in use to propel ships since thousands of years. Traditionally, the windmills were used to grind cereals.

Although wind is sporadic and circulatory, it contains terrific energy. Wind turbines are basically developed to transform this energy into electrical power. The exploitation of wind energy grew increasingly in the 1980’s.

In hilly and coastal regions windmills are commonly used in pumping water. Since the pace of wind is extremely high here it is also used in supplying electricity to small sized towns. The benefits of this renewable source of energywind energy are many. Besides being les expensive it also does not cause pollution.

More than 15,000 wind turbines are currently in operation in Hawaii and California at specially selected sites. Their total power rating of 1,500 megawatts is equivalent to the power installation of a traditional steam-turbine.

India is considered to be the third country in the world that has developed such large power grid generating power from wind energy. In total, it has 637 wind pumps. There are many benefits of using wind energy as it is a renewable source of energy, it causes no pollution and it is not very expensive.

Today installing a wind turbine in your home is no longer a fantasy. A small wind turbine erected in your home can reduce your electric bill to a great extend every month. To save the cost incurred on contractor avail of the kits, the instructions in this will help you to easily install the wind turbine in your home. The many options available today will prevent you from spending ridiculous sums of money which was normally the rule in the past. This lets you save money quickly than expected.

The biggest benefit of using a wind turbine is obviously it is environment friendly. Currently most of the electricity producing power plants depends on burning coal. Wind turbines on the other hand just rotate in the wind without generating harmful outputs like carbon-di-oxide. This clearly indicates as to which the best is. So why wait for big companies to take the initiative when you can do it yourself.

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