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Sustainable And Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy is any kind of energy that can sufficiently cater to the energy needs of the present generation without endangering the supply of energy to future generations. Sometimes the term is defined to include any kind of substitute form of energy that is used as the current generation tries to come up with technological innovations that will lead to the discovery of sustainable energy. Other scholars feel that the term should be restricted to those forms of energy that are less likely to face depletion. The latter definition allows for nuclear energy to fall under the category of sustainable energy.

The kinds of energy sources that can be placed under this category include the renewable resources. You can also add into that category any technology that is geared towards the improved energy effectiveness. There is a lot of controversy surrounding fission power and whether or not to include them in sustainable energy sources. This is because there are a lot of conflicts surrounding their disposal and the risk they expose human to if they are misused.

Sustainable and renewable energy is set at a higher level than other forms of renewable energy. This is determined on the basis that it can continue providing energy to future generations without any fear of depletion. Other types of sustainable and renewable energy have been known to cause destruction of the environment through pollution. But such energy sources do not emit enough toxins to prevent the continuous use of it for a substantial period of time. The energy sources are low in carbon energy meaning that they do not play any role in the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Renewable energy is categorized into three generations. This is based on the history of energy sources in the last century. The initial generation of energy was born during the industrial revolution. Despite the progress experienced in the energy sector, some of these energy sources are still being utilized.

The second generation was introduced into the market during the nineteen eighties. They were as a result of research and development into the energy sector. This action was prompted by the shortages that the market was facing with oil supply. Research was also trying to unveil environment friendly sources of energy.

The third generation of energy source is still in its infant stages. Concentration revolves around solar energy and other forms of renewable energies like geothermal. Renewable Energy is also being seen as a step in the right direction for this generation of energy sources.

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